The author

Terrie Anderson is a Corporate Success Story from Down Under. She has worked as a business leader both locally and internationally for many years, meeting new challenges with success, and new people with delight. Embracing the human spirit as the flame that ignites great organizations she now consults to enterprise and agencies on the productivity of charismatic communication.

Author of '999 Legendary Selling in the 21st Century' (2010), 'The Little Red Success Book' (1994), '30 Days of Inspiration' (2009) Terrie is considered by many to be a Thought Leader in Corporate Strategy and Solutions for the 21st Century. She is very committed to the belief that The Human Connection could change human destiny and help bring peace to our world. A memorable and fun speaker and an engaging coach, she approaches the world with warmth, happiness and an open honesty that has won her considerable esteem.

She lives in Australia with her heart, her partner and Easydog their treasured best friend, but says her
soul lives in Limpopo South Africa, a land she feels connected to spiritually. Terrie is one of the founding members of the Fellowship of Southern Lights.