The program

It is particularly recommended for those organizations involved in:

  • Telecommunications
  • IT Solutions and Outsourcing
  • Software Companies who sell SaaS
  • Service Providers and High End Consultancies
  • Chemicals and Industrials
  • Environmental Solutions
  • Finance and Banking Services
  • High Value Capital Equipment Sales
  • Real Estate.

The program is generic, and independent of systems and methodologies. This protects and enhances your existing investment in CRM technology, and systems.

It is a completely unique program that focuses on the critical element of sales success - connecting people to people.

This outstanding coaching program can change your destiny as an individual or a company. Employing 999ers can skyrocket your sales!

The holistic training ensures that your sales team not only understand how to achieve more, but can do it whilst improving harmony within your company, your customers and your partners!

999Legendary Selling For The 21st Century - The Program, is designed and delivered through Helena Consulting (Asia Pacific/Americas) and 360plus5 (Europe).The Session Leaders are all senior, experienced sales executives and dynamic coaches with passion and flair. Sales Leaders and Master Coaches themselves, they promise never to be boring!

The content is based on the 999 Legendary Selling for the 21st Century written by Terrie Anderson.