Program Overview

A New Coaching Concept

Those whose careers and experience have been predominantly in the field of training typically deliver 'conventional training' which can lay a solid foundation in the basics of selling. However, businesses with high-value, highly complex sales-cycles need their sales teams to embody more creativity and 'wisdom' than such basic training can provide. The 999 Program addresses this need through a powerful combination of distilled experience and passionate, engaged delivery.

Fortunately, we have drawn together a number of successful sales people - Sales Legends - who are keen to share their knowledge, wisdom and creativity having conducted highly successful careers at the sharp-end of commerce (the foundry where knowledge and experience is forged into wisdom). These 'Sales Legends' have worked the same industries as those of our clients – ensuring that the wisdom is pertinent.

The old adage "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach" might now be extended to include "Those who have done, coach".

The principle behind the 999 program is in shaping that wisdom into context-aware content that can be delivered to sales staff through interactive group coaching sessions.

As we have brought together an international community of experts, our clients can select a program of coaching that best matches their specific objectives and/or language requirements - anywhere. Of course, our coaches are also available as mentors for ongoing guidance, as well as for advice on specific issues within a sales campaign, or indeed to provide extra 'muscle' on a major bid.

Overview of Modules in 999 Legendary Selling

Our coaching sessions are essentially free-form so as to respond to the immediate needs of the audience. They are also gimmick-free, as good sales staff have a strong aversion to the formulaic and prosaic. They typically commence with a media-led overview delivered by an expert in the particular subject under discussion – the media acting merely to anchor or illuminate a particular idea. The concepts are then explored, with enthusiasm and passion, even touches of humour, in the context of the clients own opportunity environment and prevailing capabilities. The modules have thus proven to be not just educational but also entertaining, thus preventing class boredom common in traditional training.

The modules, in the close coaching format, have a duration of between 30 minutes and three hours, depending on the subject. These sessions are designed to be interactive, to ensure engagement and to get the feedback and ideas of the delegates. Such an approach ensures that the material and knowledge can be examined directly in relation to the sales staff's immediate needs and working environment – contextualizing in the 'now' makes the lessons more memorable.

Introduction & Objectives

A comprehensive exchange of ideas and objectives ensures that there will be a match between deliverables and expectations. Additionally, the Session Leader will tailor the material delivered to the class based upon the direct needs and skill level of the attendees. The open and free-flowing style of content delivery is highly interactive and the class members are encouraged to have a high level of participation – if there are 'legends' in the room already, we all need to know their secrets!

Module 99901 - Integrity

We start by finding out if we are starting from a position, and reputation, of Integrity. Sales Legends maintain integrity with themselves, they know who they are and do not try to be anyone else. They truly understand what integrity means to their business and their life, and manage any weaknesses to ensure they are viewed as a person of integrity. In this module we'll explore:

  • • Who are you?
  • • What is your image?
  • • What is your reputation?
  • • Honesty and integrity
  • • Remaining true to yourself
  • • Intolerance
  • • Self-management

Module 99902 - Human Connection

The Human Connection is the foundation, the very essence, of 999.

Sales Legends clearly understand that selling is not simply a methodology, or a framework, or a CRM. Any solution, or high-value, sale is always the result of a positive human experience. If you have established a great human connection with your client, then you may have already defeated the competition - regardless of price, delivery times, or other factors.

The human connection is so important that a poor connection will lose sales even if you have the best product, best delivery and best service at the lowest price! Few sales people really appreciate this. The Human Connection allows you to be successful in a recession, whilst colleagues fail beside you, even though they have the same products/services and types of client. The Human Connection is, at least, 80% of the sale!

Get it right – and you are well on your way to being a Sales Legend! Get it wrong – and you will work just as hard but be tired, frustrated and suffer burnout – and have worrisome numbers! In this module we'll look into:

  • • Respect
  • • Communication vs Connection
  • • "One Minute More"
  • • The law of attraction – cause and effect
  • • Delivering value throughout the sales process
  • • Ensuring time respected and messaging relevant
  • • Understanding why deals were lost
  • • Who already wins in this customer?
  • • Maintain professional relationships
  • • Be aware of corporate governance

Module 99903 - Political Reference

Sales Legends do understand the environments in which they work and know the 'reality-tree' of influence and command. Their connections are spread wide and deep; they are not vulnerable to reorganization. They can access anyone within their own, or their clients, organization - at almost any time. They understand their decision maker's personal needs – all of whom which select a winning bid on two levels – the personal and the professional. The personal reason can, however, often carry more weight than the professional one. We'll look into:

  • • Political mapping
  • • Political reference
  • • Who can influence the result?
  • • Protecting your interest – expanded coverage
  • • The 'C level'
  • • What motivates a buyer?
  • • Identify their need and meet it. Sell It
  • • Sell to the buyers NOT just the company

Module 99904 - Hard Line Qualification

Hard Line Qualification is a critical success factor. Sales Legends know they will win because they only choose to bid for business they have fully qualified that they can win. Thus they will maximize their time and availability of resources to pursue opportunities that they 'know are theirs'. Sales Legends will win an average of at least 8 out of every 10 bids they make. They will then go on to maximize further business within those clients, often excluding a competitors foothold. This module will explore:

  • • Am I a day late, or dollar short?
  • • How and why am I in?
  • • Can we win?
  • • Will we win? – Why?
  • • What price do we pay?
  • • What risks are there?
  • • What strategy do I need to win?
  • • Resource analysis – do I have what I need?
  • • Competitive analysis
  • • What could stop me winning?

Module 99905 - Focus

Sales Legends have one outstanding quality that is found in every single one of them – the ability to truly focus on their work when they are working. In fact, they can focus on whatever is most important at all times! This extraordinary ability to focus allows them a better quality of life, and simultaneously increases their productivity and attention to detail in their sales. In this module we'll look into:

  • • What is Focus?
  • • What do I need to change in my life?
  • • Distractions and conflicts
  • • Planning and documentation
  • • Daily running work sheet
  • • Note taking
  • • Focus on winning
  • • Competitors

Module 99906 – Follow-up

Follow-up is one of those elements that are so blindingly obvious; it is easy to forget to pay sufficient attention to it. More than half of the average day of a Sales Legend is spent following up a person, or aspect of their sales process - checking that others, whose priority may not be your sales process, have done what they've committed to do. Most sales people fail to deliver on follow-up and it impacts every part of their sales process, including, and especially, the vital Human Connection. In this module we'll look into:

  • • Follow-up internally
  • • Follow-up externally
  • • Follow-up with client
  • • Follow-up with management
  • • Selling daily to all - the value of walking the floor
  • • Motivating and leading
  • • Project management
  • • Total Responsibility

Module 99907 - Strategy

The really interesting, and very critical, differentiator between most sales people and those who win, often seemingly effortlessly yet consistently, is Strategy. The element where a sale that you could win, and should win, can be easily lost. Poor strategy is often the cause of a surprise loss of a large opportunity. Strategy should be developed for the client as a whole, but also for the individual bid or opportunity. A Sales Legend will be very aware of what strategy the key competitors are likely to adopt and be ready to prevent their perfect execution by proactively leading the sales process. We'll cover the following:

  • • High level strategy for the client & for the opportunity
  • • What is the clients' strategy?
  • • Key competitor strategy - If not you, then who?
  • • Art of distraction and misinformation
  • • Competitive assurance
  • • Encourage bragging - but don't indulge
  • • Flexibility and speed
  • • Know your weakness better than your strength
  • • Proactive strategy vs. reactive strategy
  • • Changing the playing field - mid and late Game

Module 99908 - The Consortium (Optional)

Some may have not have had the need for 'The Consortium'. Many will have tried 'The Consortium' approach, with varying degrees of success. This is the most difficult bid or sales process. There are many chefs in the kitchen, often without a nominated or effective leader - or agreed code of practice. The Consortium is an exciting way to sell and win very large deals, however, some special skills need to be learned to be consistently successful in this process. In it we'll look at:

  • • Definition
  • • When does it work?
  • • How to approach it and how to work within it
  • • Control factors – leading bids
  • • Planning and execution
  • • Conflict resolution
  • • Closing this type of deal

Module 99909 - Customer Enthusiasm

Customer Enthusiasm is when your client is enthusiastic about you and your offering – you have just increased not only your chance to win, but for referral business as well. Enthusiastic customers will go with you from product to product, contract to contract and even, on a personal level, from employer to employer. They will always make time for you, or open doors to other opportunities for you. In this module we'll look at:

  • • Selling value not price
  • • Exceeding your commitments
  • • Matching their motivation to buy
  • • Understanding their business
  • • Sell to their need for competitive advantage
  • • Assist with the Business Case
  • • Know your way around the C Floor
  • • Listening actively
  • • Questioning techniques
  • • Presentations: The audience, the time, relevance and passion
  • • Remember important personal information
  • • Respect. Appreciation. Availability
  • • Tell them you want their business

Module 99910 - Networking & Reputation

The Sales Legend is always working on personal and business networks to be truly connected. Reputation and networking skills are a logical flow-on from sound integrity. Without an enhanced network, sales people will wither and die on the vine of annual renewal! In this module we'll cover:

  • • Know who matters - engage when possible
  • • Be known for: Integrity, Listening, Attention
  • • Ensure your reputation is solid
  • • Pre-empt any negative feedback
  • • Listen. Listen. Listen
  • • Engaging the competitor
  • • Hear the rumble of the underground
  • • Never do anything to harm your reputation

Module 99911 - Career

To become a Sales Legend you will need to continue to excel as a sales athlete, year after year. There are pitfalls to avoid, and behaviours to celebrate and continue. In this module we'll look into:

  • • The daily traps
  • • Motivate the mind
  • • Maintain the body
  • • Maintain the heart
  • • Tips for bad weather

Module 99912 - Value

Value, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. A feature may yield a possible benefit. That benefit may even be beneficial to your client. However, it only has value to your client if it has value to them in their opinion. They have to recognise and agree that it is of value. In this module we'll look into:

  • • Delivering value throughout
  • • Why value?
  • • What is value?
  • • The water-diamond paradox
  • • Value beyond the economic
  • • Expected value
  • • Uncovering value
  • • Manufacturing value
  • • How to sell a free lunch?

The above elements combined, if utilized and executed well, will consistently generate significant and increasing revenue and ensure you regularly exceed your targets as an individual and as an organisation.