Sales Legends do not 'cruise'. They're on fire!

A fire fed with endless self-generated energy and filled with a sense of wanting 'more'. More recognition, more sales, or more money. There is no evil in wanting more. Do you know any wealthy, successful people who want 'less'?

Sales Legends do not burn out. They feed their fire daily. They know how to take intelligent breaks, how to motivate themselves and others, and most importantly, achieve a daily lifestyle balance.

999 is a holistic coaching program, not a sales course. We will make you think and question your own understanding. We will challenge you to change some habits, and these will extend across all aspects of your life. However, the rewards from these efforts will help you achieve a quality of life that can prevent burnout.

There will be some new ideas, applicable to the changing environment of the 21st Century. There will be some concepts that have always been important to high achievers.

We will ask you to honestly check if you are consistently executing some of these essential, but basic steps. We will share some secrets that collectively unlock the code of success (they explain the 'magic' that some people have). However, they may challenge your reality.

999 helps you achieve consistency, and repetition, of wins. If you embrace the coaching in 999 Legendary Selling For The 21st Century, and habituate all of the elements we discuss that are not already part of your daily life, then you will increase your results.

You may even become a Sales Legend!